Specialty meats and cheeses

At Caffe Bottega Italiana, you can always find gourmet imported Salumi and Cheeses from Italy. These are a few of our most popular options, though our selection varies based on availability.


Prosciutto Parma 24 monthA meticulously crafted Italian ham aged for two years, boasting a velvety texture and nutty flavor, showcasing traditional curing methods. Elevates dishes with delicate saltiness and an aromatic profile.
Prosciutto Carpegna D.O.P.Distinguished by deep, savory taste and tender texture, this cured ham undergoes meticulous aging, achieving perfection with sweet and salty notes over 14 months.
SoppressataCrafted from coarsely ground pork, seasoned with garlic and hot pepper, this slow-cured, slightly spicy sausage adds a distinctive kick to charcuterie or culinary creations.
Salame Emilia Ferrarini – SweetA velvety, harmoniously balanced artisanal creation from finely ground pork with sweet hints. Ideal for charcuterie platters or gourmet recipes, showcasing a tender, sweet profile.
Salame Emilia Ferrarini – SpicyAn artisanal triumph, coarsely ground pork meets a fiery kick of red pepper. Slow-cured for a robust and zesty flavor, perfect for charcuterie or adventurous culinary creations.
Speck Alto Adige IGPA gem from the Italian Alps, this carefully smoked ham boasts a harmonious blend of flavors, marrying light smokiness with aromatic spices, offering versatility for gourmet creations.
Coppa – SweetExpertly crafted from marbled pork, seasoned with aromatic herbs, this slow-cured delicacy presents a standout addition to sophisticated charcuterie with its tender, sweet profile.
Coppa – SpicyInfused with bold spices, this Italian charcuterie delivers a fiery kick. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture elevates charcuterie boards, offering a thrilling experience for spice enthusiasts.


Fontina Val D’Aosta D.O.P.A luscious Alpine cheese, aged to perfection, revealing a creamy, semi-soft texture and nutty, fruity flavor. D.O.P. protected with distinct earthy notes, ideal for fondues or cheese platters.
Asiago Fresco D.O.P.Cherished for its mild, milky flavor and smooth texture, this fresh cheese embodies the Asiago region’s essence. Perfect for slicing, adding an authentic touch to sandwiches and salads.
Parmigiano ReggianoCrafted in Emilia-Romagna, this hard, granular cheese boasts a rich, nutty flavor and crumbly texture. Aged for 24 months, an essential for grating, shaving, or savoring.
Fiore Sardo D.O.P.A Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese with a robust flavor, aged for unique complexity, combining smoky, savory, and nutty notes. Perfect for cheese boards.
Provolone Piccante ClassicoA semi-hard cheese aged to unveil sharp, tangy flavor. Piquant notes make it versatile for sandwiches or snacking.
Provolone Valpadano D.O.P.A Po Valley gem aged to perfection, boasting a semi-hard texture with a harmonious blend of mild and nutty flavors. Ideal for slicing or melting.
Provola AffumicataAn Italian smoked cheese with a rich, creamy texture and distinctive smoky aroma, perfect for melting on pizza or enjoying on its own.
Caciocavallo AuricchioA semi-hard Southern Italian cheese with savory and slightly tangy flavors. A versatile cheese, elevating dishes with its distinct taste.